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This pendant of manually cracked glass is not only gorgeous, but it's a beautiful symbol of all she's accomplished as the ambitious woman that she is.

Girlfriends Season 4 Episode 2 (s04e02) If It's Broke, Fix It

It might even inspire her to shatter a few more glass ceilings in the year ahead. Ever since she watched the brand-new Downton Abbey on the big screen, she hasn't been able to stop talking about it. She can bring her favorite show and movie! While the specific whereabouts may be up for debate, you and your girlfriend didn't find love in hopeless place.

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Knowledge is power, especially when her furry BFF is concerned. With a simple swab, she'll learn more about her dog's genetics, breed s , and ancestry the canine kind. If she's more a costume jewelry girl, then steer clear of the dainty studs and opt for these gold heart-shaped hoops.

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They're flirty, fun, and totally appropriate for your next date night. Count how many times she says "If only I could drink wine for breakfast," and then order her this merlot-infused coffee. Relationships and, well, life is about compromise, right? Consider this a gift for both of you.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Meal Prep Like a Pro. Nine West amazon. Orolay amazon. Kendasun Jewelry amazon. Personalized Gift.


Always Fits. Unique Gift. Always Fits alwaysfits. GracePersonalized etsy. Borgasets amazon. AmazonBasics amazon. OliveBella etsy. Masterclass masterclass. You can find the full Insider Picks review here.

Women Should Go Out With Girlfriends Twice A Week To Improve Their Health

If you want to gift an experience for the two of you to enjoy together, grab a card, a gift card to Journy or Airbnb, and come with a few location ideas in mind. If you want to surprise her with a trip already planned, go through Journy yourself and present her with the full, detailed plan. Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite is its thinnest and lightest yet, with double the storage.

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Perhaps the best features are that it's waterproof and has built-in adjustable light for the perfect reading environment indoors or outdoors, day and night. If she loves a nice, relaxing bath, pair this with a caddy , bath bombs , and a glass of wine for a relaxing night in that you've already taken care of. Aquis' cult-favorite hair towels can cut the amount of time it takes your hair to dry in half — a claim we're happy to report holds up. The proprietary fabric also means there's less damage to wet hair while it dries.

You can pick up a card from Walgreens on your way to exchange gifts, but it'll mean more if you think just a few days ahead. Etsy has great options for cheap, unique, handmade gifts that are cool and thoughtful.

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This one is handmade watercolor print, and it's lovably funny and sweet. Silk pillowcases reduce frizz and damage to hair and make it look shiny and healthy. It also reduces the likelihood of wrinkles and keeps skin hydrated overnight by absorbing less of the moisturizer in her skin as she sleeps. This particular Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the internet's hidden gems. All she has to do is to occasionally add water.

Stone and Strand is a one-stop shop for affordable fine jewelry. Birchbox is a skincare and makeup subscription that sends tons of samples of new and cult-favorite products to subscribers so they can find products they love without much commitment or cost upfront.

Makeup and skin-care products can be expensive, so this is a particularly helpful service. Local pasta-making classes, wine tours, pottery workshops, secret concerts, nature outings — you can book from thousands of fun classes and experiences on Airbnb Experiences to make wherever you live feel new, exciting, and full of possibilities. It's also an under-utilized part of Airbnb, making it a thoughtful and unusual gift — and one you may keep using yourselves for out-of-the-box date nights in the future.

Find out more here. Dagne Dover is quickly becoming one of the best women's handbag companies to know , and their Lola Toiletries Pouches are a great and relatively affordable gift. It's made from beautiful pebbled leather, and you can pick from seven foolproof color choices.

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The Sonos Move is one of the best speakers on the market. It's powerful, can be controlled by your voice or an app, and has Amazon Alexa built in so on WiFi you can play music, check the news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, without much effort. If she loves coffee, she'll probably love to try Driftaway.

It's a gourmet coffee subscription that gets smarter the longer you use it, remembering your preferences and steering you towards increasingly accurate brews for your specific tastes. The first shipment will be a tasting kit with four coffee profiles, which she'll rate online or in the app to start getting personalized options. It can be hard to do yourself justice in words — whether they're spoken or written in a card. This compilation of love letters written by great men can help you say it without actually technically saying it. Bonus points if you write your own, or mark the ones in the book that most closely resemble your own feelings. A diamond necklace doesn't have to be thousands of dollars, as fine jewelry startups like AUrate are proving.

2. You're smart.

This necklace is something she can keep and wear forever, and both the solid gold and conflict-free diamonds are of the highest quality. The cotton fiber traps air for extra absorbency, is soft and plush, and the unisex sizing means it will feel like a blanket-turned-robe. Perfect functionality, and extra points for coziness. These plug-ins will turn a "dumb" outlet into a smart outlet. Plug in the WeMo Mini Smart Plug, download the free app, and that's it — you control your lights and appliances from your phone anywhere and your voice through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit.

It only needs WiFi — no expensive hub. The award-winning Dyson blow dryer is covetable, and lauded as the best one ever invented; It prevents hair damage by measuring air temperature 20 times per second, has a specially designed Dyson motor for fast drying, and reduces static, breakage, and makes hair look smooth and shiny. The Ouai products are from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin's personal line. Boutique fitness classes are expensive. ClassPass makes them less so.

If she likes to be kept active, is looking for a newfound favorite class, or likes yoga as much as barre classes, this is a great gift she'll actually use. This is an award-winning mask with a big following in the beauty and skin-care community. Away's hyper-popular suitcases deserve their hype. It's also guaranteed for life by Away. Find our full review here.