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Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, USA

Its towers are feet meters high and provide a navigational clearance of feet 57 meters under the main span. The bridge features two levels, with the railway running along the lower deck and the roadway on the upper. Luckily, Oresund Bridge builders didn't have to deal with earthquakes and other seismic activity during construction. The engineers in charge of the next bridge on our list weren't so lucky. How Removing Public Monuments Works. Top 10 Structurally Amazing Bridges. Prev NEXT.

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The Oresund Bridge may have been difficult to build, but the result of all that hard work was breathtakingly beautiful. Related " ". The bridge is stunning enough during the day, sporting its red double helix, but is even more beautiful when illuminated at night. And in , a 2,foot pedestrian bridge was constructed so that you can arrive at the island the same way pilgrims would during low tide: on foot. Plus, you don't have to worry about getting stranded when the tide comes in.

The newest pedestrian bridge to be featured in this gallery, the jaw-dropping Golden Bridge is a thing of beauty. Two giant hands, meant to be the hands of a god, cradle a strand of gold which serves as the walkway.

10 Amazing Bridges

The impressive bridge only enhances the views of the surrounding Ba Na Hills. The latticed Webb Bridge over the Yarra River puts the emphasis on art in architecture. This optical illusion of a bridge spanning the Rio Mondego was Coimbra's first footbridge.

The structure appears to be broken in the middle, but actually joins at that point to form a viewing area. They had a forbidden affair but could never be, hence the "bridge that doesn't meet.

This arch bridge overlooking Cheonjeyeon Waterfall offers beautiful views — including the bridge itself. The gorgeous red structure is accented with 14 white nymphs, seven on each side meant to symbolize a Korean legend. It's said that seven stunning nymphs come down from heaven every night to bathe in the pools by the waterfall.

The Henderson Waves Bridge reaches great heights as the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

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The shape of it mimics an undulating wave, creating an aesthetically pleasing design, as well as niches within the bridge itself. In these little alcoves, pedestrians can enjoy a bit of privacy as they take in their surroundings. Aiguille du Midi is a towering 12,foot mountain located in the French Alps, easily accessed from Chamonix.

Visitors can ascend to the summit via a series of cable cars.

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